A Buyer’s Dream: Huge Selection of Wisconsin Used Trucks

Posted Wednesday, Dec 15, 2021

Are you looking to buy a quality truck without breaking the bank? There is a vast selection of Wisconsin used trucks that are affordable, functional, and in good condition. In addition, you'll find classic trucks that would've cost you twice as much as new models, which is a great deal for buyers.

These trucks come in all sizes, models, and budgets, so you're sure to find something you love. Whether you need a truck for business, leisure, or moving around, used trucks in Wisconsin are your ideal choice.

And best of all, they'll last you a long time without easily breaking down.

So, if you're looking to buy a preowned car, glean into this article for tips and a guide on the best-used trucks to consider.

Why Are Used Trucks Wisconsin Better Than New Ones?

It's hard to decide if you want a new or used truck because both have pros and cons. This is a debate that has been going on forever, but today you'll find your answer. The reasons include:

Safe and Reliable

Used cars in Wisconsin are significantly more reliable in maintenance and safety. For example, most parts of new trucks like the F-150 are aluminum, which compromises their safety.

But with an older version of it, the parts are made of steel, a strong metal that heightens safety and durability.


Sure, brand new trucks promise new features, updated security systems, and warranties. All of which are pretty convincing for you to dig into your pocket. 

But all these don't come without an expense. For one, new trucks are expensive and even more costly to maintain after the warranties. Besides, trucks are in demand right now, increasing their prices. 

But with used trucks, you'll find value at an affordable price. Besides, as time goes by, property value decreases, including cars, making even the most expensive ones cheaper over time. 

If you're unsure about buying a preowned truck, check for wear and tear. Ask how long the car has been in use, what it was used for, and then gauge if it's in optimal condition.

Often, you'll find the truck in good condition and a chance to save money.

More Varieties

Suppose you're new in the market and don't know which model to buy. In that case, you'll have many options to choose from, all of which are just as suitable. Besides, this allows you to ponder on the best choice without regrets.

As the saying goes, "Old is Gold," and in this case, Wisconsin used trucks are your best choice for saving money and getting value. Older models are timeless due to their design, strong material, and abilities.

Consequently, you're likely to perform demanding tasks better with old used trucks than new ones.


As aforementioned, old trucks have a high resistance to wear and tear. This is due to the material used and design. So, if you're looking to save some cash and not replace your new purchase after a few months, Wisconsin trucks are your go-to.

Besides, used trucks maintain their appearances after years of use. So nobody can tell off the bat that you bought a used car, and you'll use it for many more years without it losing its appeal.

The Best Wisconsin Used Trucks to Buy

With dozens of models to consider, it can be overwhelming to narrow down your best choices. Here to make your work easier, are the best-used trucks for sale in Wisconsin. You'll learn their features, sizes, prices, and abilities for decisiveness.

2017 Ford F250 Super Duty Crew Cab

The truck is the perfect example of a car with muscle. It is made from aluminum; this truck packs tonnes of metal in its design, giving it structural rigidity.

Towing Abilities

If you need to move heavy loads, this truck is your ideal partner. With three sleeves trail-hitch receiver, you can tow up to 15,000 pounds without stability issues. In addition, this feature allows for weight distribution so you can pull without tipping over.


Being able to hit the brakes suddenly when moving in this massive truck is critical to your safety. Although the truck is heavy, it offers a firm brake pedal that gives you control over your speed. 

Steering Wheel Abilities

The truck has strong steering wheel capabilities that allow you to take smoother turns even when at high speed. Besides, the wheel automatically adds or subtracts tires' rotation depending on the circumstance. 

Interior equipment to look forward to includes:

  • Dual power seats
  • Sony premium sound
  • Braking sensors
  • Hill Start Assist Control
  • Power steering

This luxurious truck will have you in awe every time you drive it. It has a sophisticated interior with air horns and air compressors for maximum comfort.

2019 Ford Ranger

This truck is relatively old from its name, meaning it still has modern features and is in impeccable condition. Consequently, you may be able to save some money but not as much if you're on a tight budget.

This truck is excellent for those looking for big statement trucks. It comes with acceleration, payload, and towing abilities, making it exceptional for heavy loads.

Off-Road Features

This practical truck is suitable for off-the-road terrain due to its steel skid plates and trail control systems. Besides, coupled with the shock absorbers, these features will help you gain traction on challenging roads. So, you can drive on snowy roads or rough roads with ease and comfort.

Strong Engine

Do you love fast trucks? If so, the 2019 Ford Ranger is your ideal vehicle. The car comes with at least a 3000 horsepower engine. This gives you high performance whenever you're in a hurry

Safety Features

There are no better-used pickup trucks in Wisconsin than the 2019 Ford Ranger when it comes to safety. This truck packs a safety package comprising blind-spot monitoring, pedestrian detection, and emergency braking.

You'll have a fantastic driving experience at night with the automatic high beams that allow you to see in the dark. All these features will give you peace of mind even as a new driver.

User-Friendly Controls

Nothing grinds drivers' gears than complicated controls. They make your experience with your car unconducive and tedious. But, with the 2019 Ford Ranger, you'll have interior controls that are simple to use. 

For example, the controls have large buttons, so it's easy to spot when you need to use them. Even new truck users will find the interior controls a convenience to learn to use the truck.

2017 Toyota Tundra Crewmax

Those interested in a strong-build truck can safely say they've found their ideal truck. It's an automatic pickup with a V8, 5.7L engine, suitable for all your heavy-duty and light truck needs.

Safety Features

The pickup has technologically advanced security features you'll find essential to your everyday commute. They are:

  • Active Traction Control
  • Alarm system
  • Stability control
  • Power door locks
  • Keyless entry
  • Fog lights

You can now safely travel under any weather, time, and road with these safety functions.

Car Dimensions

The truck has an exterior length of 228.7 inches and 145.7 inches of wheelbase. Additionally, it comes with a 22-inch deep box and a 10 inches ground clearance.

The interior dimensions are up to 44 inches of rear legroom, 66 inches of shoulder room, and 63 inches of hip room. Ideally, regardless of weight or height, passengers will fit perfectly and still have room for movement.


The CrewMax has a 5.7L V8 engine, ideal for all tasks you require from the truck. It has a payload capacity of 1680 pounds and towing of up to 10,400 pounds. In total, the car's performance allows for 7,000 pounds of weight. This encompasses passengers and cargo.

More features you'll find are:

  • Tilt wheel
  • Backup camera
  • Air conditioning
  • SiriusXM satellite
  • Dual airbags

Side Airbags

These additional specs make this truck a worthwhile purchase. You'll save money on a highly functional second-hand car.

2016 Toyota Tacoma

This is one of the most reliable Wisconsin used trucks for generations that don't rely too much on tech. Since 2015, motor technology has advanced, installing sophisticated security and operation features in current cars. 

However, older versions like this one are just as reliable without the advanced systems. For one, this model isn't prone to technical flaws. So, you can operate it without relying on automated features that may get jammed at any point.


Mileage is one of the factors truck drivers look at when buying Wisconsin trucks. The higher the mileage, the higher-performing the car will be. 

With a well-maintained 2016 Toyota Tacoma, you can get up to 300,000 miles. This is pretty good mileage for such an old vehicle.

Safety Features

When you buy this truck, you can expect practical safety features. They range from:

  • Traction control
  • Stability control
  • Daytime lights
  • Airbags
  • Tire pressure monitor
  • Safety rear door locks

With these features, you drive with your family safely.

Resale Value

This truck is among the few with good resale value. So, if you wish to buy used pickup trucks in Wisconsin, you'll get this for an affordable price point. Then, you can resell it for a great price - a double win for you.

Interior Controls

If you're looking for neatness in your truck, this is the truck to buy. The control buttons are orderly organized to give you an easy time controlling the car. It's also a safe truck to let your teenager drive because of the visible control. They can quickly learn where the controls are and operate the car without taking their eyes off the road.

2017 Chevrolet Colorado

There's a wide selection of Chevy trucks that will make your shopping rewarding. For instance, for a tough and compact truck, look no further than the 2017 Chevrolet Colorado. This truck guarantees reliability, comfort, and protection courtesy of its design.

This preowned car also gives buyers engine and car body style options to match their needs.

Reliability Rating

For a used car, this model has an average reliability rating. This means it performs well for commutes and heavy tasks.

Fuel Efficiency

This model gives you three engine options; fuel conservation, hauling, and leisure. The leisure option is a powerful gasoline V6, ideal for recreational activities.

For fuel conservation, you should pick the gasoline four-cylinder. This engine doesn't consume much fuel, allowing you to save on refills and conserve the environment. 

Lastly, for hauling and towing purposes, choose the four-cylinder turbodiesel. It's powerful enough for heavy loads. 


The truck provides smooth stability even for off-road terrain. Besides, it has the ZR2 trim level function that guarantees smooth sailing on rough roads. This feature doesn't compromise quality road experience no matter where you drive.

2011 Ford Ranger

Buyers looking for mid-sized trucks will love the potential this truck has. Although outdated, the car offers comfort, affordability, and performance. Besides, it has several features every driver will appreciate when operating an old used car.

Cargo Features

That's right; this truck offers cargo allowance, so you can travel with luggage with convenience. Unlike standard cars with cargo trunks, this truck has a cargo bed with spacious dimensions.

It has a 37.4 cubic feet cargo space, enough for your everyday luggage. However, depending on how your activities look, you won't need that much space every day.

Interior Dimensions

This small truck offers room for your entire body. It has legroom, shoulder room, headroom, hips rooms, and many more. This ensures no passenger feels cramped or uncomfortable while riding in it.

Additionally, it has a seating capacity of four without moving seats to create room for cargo.


The truck has a complete engine system that allows drivers to have a smooth road experience. For one, it has an engine cooling system capacity of 7.8. So your engine won't run hot and break down for engine issues.

Next, it uses a gas V6 with a displacement of 4l/245 for better functionality. 

2016 RAM 2500 Crew Cab

For off-roading abilities, you must buy this preowned truck. The truck offers functionality and reliability for rugged roads and can do just about anything you desire from it. Fortunately, you can find it among the used trucks for sale in Wisconsin.

Safety Features

The truck has several safety features you'll find convenient when driving with cargo and on challenging roads. They include:

  • Hill-start Assist
  • Electric stability control
  • Cargo view camera
  • Trailer-break controller
  • Traction control

These are just some of the safety features. You'll find more once you buy the truck.


You'll find two engines; turbo diesel and Hemi v-8 gas. The 5.7l Hemi V-8 makes the base engine with a 66RFE six-speed automatic transmission.

Available Body Styles

The 2016 RAM truck has three body styles to choose from. One, there's the Mega Cab with a 6 foot 4 box. The second is the regular cab with an 8-foot box and lastly is the crew cab. The crew cab also has a 6 foot 4 box.


The 2016 RAM 2500 Crew Cab and other 2016 RAM Cabs have towing and payload capabilities. The maximum payload goes up to 3900 pounds and pulls up to 17900 pounds. This makes it ideal for heavy-duty loads without sacrificing efficiency.

Vehicle Equipment

Buyers can expect to find the following equipment:

  • Air conditioning
  • Keyless start and entry
  • Heated seats
  • Ventilated seats

Navigation system

  • Alarm system
  • Fog lights

More equipment is waiting for you when you purchase this used truck.

Tips for Buying Used Cars Wisconsin

Buying a used truck is no child's play. You'll need to prepare thoroughly for it by doing research and creating a checklist. This will help you buy a car that fulfills your current and future needs.

You'll need a budget to cater to the truck's initial cost and routine maintenance, for starters. However, when you buy used cars in Wisconsin, you won't need to stress too much about the price. The city offers competitive pieces for high-quality trucks.

Whether you feel stuck in a rut or want to be sure of your purchase, here are a few essentials to consider.

Know Truck Requirements and Regulations

Among the many things to know before buying a used car are the laws and requirements. Typically, the heavier the truck, the higher fees you pay. Moreover, depending on where you reside, the regulations for different trucks can vary.

So, avoid paying hefty fees and flouting the law by learning your state's rules. To learn about the requirements and regulations, check with your state's motor vehicle department. The information should help you make the right purchase.

List Your Needs

As with every purchase, you must first list your needs for the truck. Is it for commuting or for towing? Maybe you need it for your delivery business. Whatever the case, listing your trucking needs will help you know what to look for.

The needs don't just entail what you'll use the truck for. Instead, it comprises its features, mileage, and capabilities. So list your stereo needs, safety features, cargo features, and anything else that'll better your experience.

Know Your Budget

Creating a budget is the next tip to buying your dream truck. First, however, ensure you leave room in your budget to spend more. This is because even Wisconsin trucks can appreciate, compelling you to send more than you had prepared.

Your needs will also inform your budget. For example, suppose you want a technologically advanced preowned truck. In that case, it'll cost you more than the standard truck with a few updated features.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Wear and Tear

Before locking that deal down, look for any signs of wear and tear. You can do this by looking over apparent signs like a broken handle or a dysfunctional stereo.

If the truck is in a bad state, you can either decline the offer or negotiate down the price. However, it's advisable to buy one in good condition, so you don't spend more repairing it.

With a car company, you won't need to worry about wear and tear. For example, used trucks for sale in Wisconsin are in peak condition and ready for use. 

Double-Check the Truck

Once you set your eyes on a seller, ensure to do background research on them and the car. The last thing you want is to buy a truck on false promises.

Start with determining why the seller is selling the truck. Is it too old that it can't function? Or is it for personal reasons? The answer will help you know if it's the right truck to buy.

Next, check the truck's records. These range from its maintenance to purchasing records. How many times has it been sold? What maintenance did it undergo? Which parts did the owner replace? This kind of thing will help you get a better gist of the truck's condition.

Don't forget the engine, as it's the most crucial part of the truck. Ask about the oil change records and the overall engine maintenance.

Avoid Individual Sellers

Individual sellers can be unreliable and untrustworthy. You don't know their intentions or history to get into business with them without risking too much. So, avoid these sellers as much as possible.

Instead, buy used trucks in Wisconsin from an auto showroom or an agency. These options are reputable and less likely to con you. Besides, they'll take care of your insurance, registration, and other documentation. 

Look Into Financing

If you cannot afford the total amount, look into financing. You can either borrow a loan from your bank or loan sharks. Buying used trucks on loan isn't unheard of, but it'd benefit you more if you researched your options first.

Another option is to find sellers with flexible payments options. This way, you'll navigate your bad credit and go home with your truck.

Don't forget about insurance as this will protect you from spending more in an emergency. Of course, there are several types of insurance, but you can buy them all. So instead, buy one that offers more coverage, the coverage you actively need.

Safely Buy Your Wisconsin Used Trucks Today 

After months of preparation, you've concluded that buying a used truck is your best option. But where do you safely buy one, seeing as how there are hundreds of sellers? Easy, partner with Gates Auto for a wide selection of Wisconsin used trucks.

With us, you'll find affordable trucks of all sizes, designs, models, and capabilities. So, visit our website and check out our inventory for a comprehensive list of used cars.