The Amazing Benefits of Buying a Subaru

Posted Saturday, Feb 26, 2022

Congrats! You're looking for your next car.

When it comes to looking for your next vehicle, you have to consider factors ranging from price and gas mileage to the car's size and resell value.

And Subaru's are one of the best investments possible.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider buying a Subaru in Madison, WI as your next vehicle.

Top-Notch Safety Features

In 2019, Subaru’s product line featured more of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s Top Safety Picks than any other model. For the top picks of 2021, 9 of its models were listed.

Buying a Subaru means your car has numerous technologies to make them as safe as possible, including:

Electronic Brake-Force Distribution

The EBD brake system works with an anti-lock braking system (ABS) to use pulse braking. EBD uses intelligent technology to apply force based on the speed of the car, its load, and the current road conditions. It allows for quick and safe braking.

Subaru Eyesight

This feature acts like an extra pair of eyes. While you’re driving, the system scans the road and warns you if it notices any obstacles.

If Eyesight detects an impending collision, it will even apply the brakes for you.

Vehicle Dynamics Control

VDC is an all-in-one traction control system. It controls the engine and uses symmetrical AWD to keep the vehicle safe and prevent it from skidding.

Subaru Love Promise

Subaru has created the Subaru Love Promise, which they describe as “our vision to show love and respect to all people at every interaction with Subaru.”

In addition to providing the best experience for customers possible, the Subaru Love promise aims to help people and organizations throughout the world.

Subaru works with its retailers across the country to help local communities, like providing relief after Hurricane Ida and matching its retailers with local schools to give over 100,000 more resources.

The Love Promise also helps on a global level.

Subaru has replanted one million trees in forests affected by wildfires, partnered with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to donate over 150,000 blankets, and worked with homeless shelters to provide 50,000 pairs of socks to the homeless population last year.

Trusted Reputation

Whether you’re looking for a new or used car, Kelley Blue Book is a common resource to give you an idea of the best car choices.

In 2021, Subaru was voted the most trusted car brand for the 7th year in a row. 

It achieved high ratings across not just one, but numerous cars, including the 2021 Forester, Outback, Crosstrek, and other non-luxury models.

With high ratings across the board for years, Subaru has proved that it provides a product that can be counted on.

And if something were to happen to your new or used Subaru, it has the Subaru STARLINK feature. STARLINK includes automatic collision notification, roadside assistance, and SOS emergency assistance. You can count on Subaru to be there.

Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive

Most cars are only able to send power through the front wheels or the wheels. Four-wheel drive sends over to each of the four wheels, regardless of its traction.

Meanwhile, Subaru’s Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive adjusts torque based on wheels’ movement, sending it to wheels that have grip and away from wheels that are losing traction.

This feature is standard in every Subaru (except the BRZ) and will improve your driving experience by giving you more control, longer-lasting tires, and quicker acceleration.

Subaru Boxer Engine

Inside every Subaru is the Subaru Boxer Engine, named for its pistons movement. Inside the engine, pistons move horizontally to deliver a better driving experience.

The flat engine allows for a more balanced delivery of power. Because of the flat layout, the output can go directly into the transmission. This makes the engine more efficient and leads to better fuel economy - which is why Subaru's are the most efficient AWD cars.

The location of the pistons also means that your ride will be much smoother.

Because the pistons move back and forth, much like boxers fighting in the ring, there’s a counterforce created each time one piston moves. This cancels out the vibration associated with a bumpier ride.

A Boxer engine will also last longer than its Inline and V-line counterparts, which start dry and use a lot of friction to generate power. The horizontal pistons within the Boxer engine always rest below the car’s oil line, so they stay lubricated.

Affordable Pricing

All of Subaru’s models are affordable. In fact, some of their highest-ranking vehicles are the least expensive.

The Subaru Crosstrek is its most awarded model, noted for being both agile and stable on the road. It’s small enough for city driving but large enough to classify as an SUV.

It’s one of the least costly SUVs to own and one of the best vehicles for under $25,000. It’s one of the best family cars out there and is in the top 10 best SUVs under $30,000.

If you want a more performance-oriented option, try the BRZ. With the 2022 BRZ starting at just under $29,000, it combines style and affordability.

And after you buy your Subaru, your investment will still be worth it years later. Subaru's have one of the highest resale values.

Buying Your Subaru in Madison, WI

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